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Gettin sick of that false equality mindset that’s flying around.

Finally, a comic I’d get behind!

there it is




How long until the 15 year olds take over this post with their garbage

I’ve stopped being 15 years old long enough that I have the privilege of occasionally saying something that is not garbage so let’s try to pull it off.

What you are trying to express with this comic is problematic. The idea that tumblr or more specifically social justice activist don’t know that these people exist is not only false (they do), but feeds into a shallow narrative of what social justice is and how it should relate to the individual.

As the name implies, social justice is social, the opposite of individual. As an individual you are entitled to your opinion. You have no problem being called faggot? You’re right. Want to try your bindi on your white friend that looks supercute in it? There is no social justice police going to stop you from that. But the moment in which you don’t recognize that no matter what your opinion is, and no matter what your feelings on these issues are these actions harm your group at a societal level, then you are wrong. Not as a matter of opinions anymore, but as a matter of facts.

Cultural appropriation (bindi/dreads), microaggressions (faggot/racial prejudice), lack of representation (transexuality awareness) and claims of “reverse sexism” are hurting minorities, no matter what anyone’s opinion on these issues is. Research out there that shows that all the problems you are tackling here harm at a societal level the same people you have depicted here as not affected by them at an individual one. 

As an example, I have OCD, and I really do not care about people who say things like “oh I’m so OCD”. I understand that they mean no harm to me, I understand that their ignorance is not their fault, and I understand that is just a word. I don’t care about all this. BUT when this illness keeps being trivialized as a character quirk a lot of bad shit happens at a societal level: people getting told they should just get over it, people who fit the diagnosis not recognizing that they have it because OCD is wrongly represented, people being denied accommodations for their disability because OCD is not so badand so on. Did this ever happen to me? No. It didn’t affect me as an individual (yet). But it does affect me society, and it is my duty as a member of a larger group to take a step back, to realize that not everyone is going to be as lucky as I am, and realize that my individual thoughts and experiences do not matter when other people out there are suffering from the results of that harmless ignorance I could easily ignore based on my individual experience. And after I’ve done that I need to call out that ignorance, because the moment in which I justify that ignorance on the base that as an individual, I am not affected by it is the moment in which I become the oppressor of the same minority I belong in.

Kudos to you for this excellent response. The distinction between individual issues and societal ones is really important.


It is 2014, can we stop having female characters demean other ladies for their femininity or use their gender as a insult for men.

I’m just so tired of it.


asexual grantaire who thinks something is wrong with him and so overcompensates with “sex talk” in order to seem normal. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


It’s come to the point where I regard ‘Pontmercy' to be an adjective, noun and verb 

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In the emerald mist

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there wasn’t enough stupid les mis fanart on my front page

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sometimes people are like sunshine and sometimes people are like rainclouds but thats ok because both are important to make the flowers grow

i love you


i was compelled to draw some ac fanart idk

The Academy Is… | Sleeping With Giants (Lifetime)

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I can’t do this..

Is that a little bunny vest?

the bunnys in the top two photos have a stronger winged eyeliner game than me


Yeah okay but what about older Amis. Like, Sixty-year-old Amis.

Like Courfeyrac showing his grand-kids magic tricks and smiling with the same twinkle in his eye that he had forty years ago.

Like Combeferre taking zir grandchildren camping every year, even after zir back gets thrown out and zir knees aren’t what they used to be.

Like Feuilly being the grandpa who always brings money or toys for the kids and making sure they always have enough but not too much because there are so many people less fortunate than they are.

Like Bahorel telling the best stories from his youth, which no one believes but everyone loves none the less (and most of them are actually true).

Like Joly looking after his sick grandchildren and making them laugh with his lame jokes that really only children would laugh at.

Like Bossuet retiring early and traveling the world, exploring new cultures and filling dozens of photo albums, even if most of the pictures turn out really blurry.

Like Jehan cultivating a garden and inviting their friends that still live in the city over at least once a month to have dinner with the fresh vegetables, and calling their friends who have moved away, making sure that they never loose touch.

Like Grantaire turning into that old man character trope from movies where all the neighborhood kids think he’s really scary but he’s actually really nice and wise.

Like Enjolras never marrying or having children but he still lives a really fantastic life with his friends and his career and he couldn’t be more satisfied.

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don’t apologize for being cis/white/heterosexual/etc okay

you know it’s okay to be those things and you’re just looking for people to remind you that it’s okay even though all around you are constant reminders that it’s okay meanwhile trans/poc/etc people are being constantly told that they’re gross and that it’s not okay to be those things

so don’t be like “uguu i am so sorry for being white” like no you fucking aren’t and you know you don’t need to apologize for that, stop shitting your pants to try to get people to feel sorry for u


some doodles i did this morning

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